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Speaking of timewhen you're short on time and you don't have a lot of time to yourself, what do you do that makes you feel instantly beautiful? Because then you don't even need any makeup because your skin feels so healthy afterwards. That's pretty much all the questions I have for you today. I believe in giving it and receiving it and if you have a family that's very loving, I really think that's a very healing thing and that can make you feel very beautiful too.For me, I feel automatically better when I put on earrings; it's just a thing that I have. Are there any other beauty tips or secrets you want to share with our viewers at Womans Day.com? WD: Well, I think I've pretty much asked everything for beauty...

In the meantime, Superman asks from toy store owners to donor toys to the orphanage kids and Lois plans a Christmas dinner for family and friends.I have two little girls and I have two older children.I want to live a longer life so that I can hopefully meet my grandchildren.The toymaker Winslow Schott (Sherman Hemsley) gets fired from his job along with his secretary Margaret Duffy (Isabel Sanford).Deciding to take revenge, he invents a new toy named “Space Rats” that includes a substance which when someone is sprayed with, it makes adults act like children and children be greedy.

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